Red Crucible: Reloaded App Reviews

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I recently updated my Red Crucible: Reloaded game and, since that, it cant open. Nothing happen, just an error message appears.. And even if I trash it and reinstall the game, fails again!!!

Can’t join game since last update

Since the last update of Feb 06, i can log in but can’t join any match on Mac. The match loads and stops at “Joining game…” and the match never starts. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times, cleaned the Mac, restarted, and nothing happens. Tried on my old Mac too, same thing. Any ideas why?


I am a battlefield fan and I think this is pretty amazing for a FREE game

Fails to join games after time

Was fun but will no longer join any games.

Great game !

Great game, for people who love fast action fps, and has low specific computers and not only.

Why doesnt the game start?

After you placed Reloaded here in appstore an old version and this new dont start. Nothing’s going on after a click. I can play it only using dmg installers from your site, but in this case i can’’t buy coins via appstore.

Last version not working please step cak!

As for others, the latest update doesnt load Arenas, just Inventory, Store and general interface! At least on os x 10.6.8. tried trash everything and reload, no success!

Suggestion for improvement

This game is more updated version of RC2, which was a good game. The main problem is the lack of competitive matches. RC2 had player pools based on level/experience, which RCR has not implemented (not enough players). Games are hit or miss. It is common to see 9 players vs 3 players, experienced players vs noobs, players with heavy, near-indestructible tanks vs in game tanks, etc. How many games end where one team scores virtually nothing? Answer: the majority. It is boring. I play one or two games and then leave, as they are a waste of time. RGS should change the game so that teams are balanced, with similar average skill levels. If RGS can’t make the games competitive, then bring back RC2.

Can’t play either game because both will not open up.

I love Red Cricible Firestorm App I will give it 4 Stars but it is in conflict with Red Crucible Reloaded App and neither app will open up. If they can fix this problem I will give them 5 stars because it is a cool game, but I cant’t playthem at all.

Oh no!

My Red Crucible Reloaded is no longer working. It keeps on saying it is broken, Please fix soon!

What Happened?

I used to run Red Crucible 2: Firestorm for weeks until it began crashing about a week ago, displaying a message that the program was corrupt and needed to be downloaded again. Since then I have attempted to run both Red Crucible: Firestorm & Reloaded and haven’t been able to get either to work. I know you can play online but the game runs horribly slow. PLEASE FIX THIS DEVs!!!!!!

Apple has resolved the problem

The issue with launching the game was related to the App Store. Apple has since resolved the problem. If you’re still having issues launching the game, simply delete the game and reinstall it.

Enjoyable and Satisfying gameplay

I enjoy RCR immensely since it has the feel of a FPS that is modern and in your face. It has realistic recoil of different weapons which makes it unique, not to mention the third person view. This option has taken my gaming experience to a whole new level and again I enjoy the gameplay.

Best Game Ever

I was a huge fan of all the maps in RC2, and RCF is ok, but doesnt have as many maps. I was dissapointed until I found this, which has almost all the same maps. The only thing I dont like is that you cant transfer your RC2 or RCF accounts onto it, because I am lvl 19 on RCF, almost 20, but it doesnt let me access my account on this one.

not opening in games

after its update, the matches will not load. I can buy guns ands other stuff, but it gets stuck on loading game. I was looking foward to the new updates, but was disappointed with it. This is the second time that I am aware of the app not working.

The fix is coming!

We are aware of the problem with the current version. It got corrupted during our build process. Please be patient as the fix is coming as soon as Apple approves it.

Not playable

I have the exact problem, unlocking weapons don’t load not appear, and says joining game forever. Needs to be noticed and fixed

won’t load matches

the game will open and i can do anything else but when i go to join a game it will sit there and not open after it done loadinf

I can no longer access this game

After spending close to $90 on weapons and tanks and helicopters suddenly I can no longer access the game, This has happened once before and the administration would do nothing nor would that answer my questions


I purchased the 15 dollar pack of coins and have not gotten my coins yet. I have been trying to get hold of the support team all day and have gotten no response. This is very frustrating and I would appreciate it if someone could give me some help.

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